The Land Titles System in Alberta

The Land Titles Office of Alberta is a registry which contains all the vital information regarding the title to every property in Alberta.  If you need to have changes made to your land title, such as transferring the title of your house (perhaps including one or more children), or a name added on (such as a new spouse, perhaps)  you should first discuss that matter with a lawyer.

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Land Titles Act of Alberta

Edmonton and Alberta real estate lawyers are familiar with the Land Titles Act of Alberta.  This is primary legislation that governs in the land title’s field – although there are many other pieces of legislation that come into play and the common-law has a huge impact as well.

Here are the major headings from the Table of Contents of the Land Titles Act:

  • Land Titles Office [2]
  • Officers [3 – 23]
  • Registration [24 – 56]
  • Effect of Registration [57 – 63]
  • Transfers [64 – 74]
  • Transfers [75 – 94]
  • Leases [95 – 101]
  • Mortgages and Encumbrances [102 – 114]
  • Powers of Attorney [115]
  • Transmission [116 – 121]
  • Enforcement [122 – 125]
  • Changes of Name [126 – 127]
  • Assignment for Benefit of Creditors [128]
  • Amending Agreements [129]
  • Caveats [130 – 153]
  • Assignments of Contracts of Sale [154]
  • Attestation of Instruments [155 – 163]
  • Assurance Fees [164 – 182]
  • Remedial Proceedings [183 – 193]
  • Appeal [194 – 198]
  • General Provisions [199 – 216]
  • Schedule 1
  • Schedule 2

There are some 216 sections (plus two schedules) in the Land Titles Act of Alberta.  There is also a manual that is many hundreds of pages long.  Trust Mr. Ed to navigate through this legislation and deal properly with your land title.

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