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Edmonton real estate lawyers are the men and women lawyers who do all of the “paperwork” things that are required for every real estate transaction to close.  There are many checklists for these lawyers to conclude before the deals are done.

Pretty much everything these lawyers do rate as being “important” things.  Many of these things are also “urgent” things in that they require attention immediately.

Real estate lawyers in Alberta utilize their “trust accounts” to try and make sure that in every transaction, the seller does not receive the purchase monies until the buyer has actually received appropriate title to the property; and that the buyer does not get their name onto the title of the property until they have actually put up the purchase monies.  Very often the lawyer is also representing the bank that is advancing the mortgage funds.

It is fair to say that Alberta has one of the best land titles system in the world, featuring certainty of title, minimal risk of losing the purchase monies and relatively low cost transactions. Lawyers are integral to that system.

Real estate lawyers typically deal with the whole range of transactions. Every  deal is different and unique in one way or another.

Mr. Ed is experienced in all of the following:

  • farm and farm land deals
  • commercial property transactions
  • buying and selling of a business
  • buying and selling residential land, houses, condominiums, mobile homes and vacant lots.

Real estate transactions often include putting together a first mortgage or a second mortgage.  Sometimes they are only about changing the title at the Land Titles Office.  Condominium transactions have special considerations.

Finally, deals without real estate agents that utilize the ComFree real estate system require additional expertise.  Mr. Ed has a lot of experience with these deals.

Whatever your real estate deal looks like – Mr. Ed can help you.  Call Mr. Ed today!

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